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Denim Skulls


The shoe shuffle struggle is real.  Shoes make all the difference but why do they have to be so difficult sometimes? SHOOFIE will help you go from flats to heels and back in seconds. Perfect for the commute, traveling or just keeping that extra pair in the car. 

Part cow girl, part biker babe and nothing says girly girl more than hot pink. Have it all and keep em' guessing.


  • Two luxuriously lined and completely separate pockets - one for each shoe, keeps them totally separate and protected en route. 
  • Full length zippers on both pockets - keep your shoes secure and make it fast to zip them in and out on the go.
  • Lightweight and durable fabric design - molds to any shoe shape and minimizes extra bulk.
  • Handy wrist strap - for when you just can’t fit any more into your bag.
  • Machine washable - just hang or lay flat to dry. 
  • Big feet? - Don’t worry we gotchu, SHOOFIE’s patented design loves all sizes, even you size 12s!
  • Made in Canada - ethically and sustainably. 


Feedback from you

This has made my morning commute so much easier. No more plastic grocery bags and the print makes me smile every time I use it.” — Monica from Brooklyn


"I used to be a bit embarrassed changing my shoes at the office but SHOOFIE makes it something I now actually look forward to." — Charlotte from Toronto


All the shoes I keep in my car now have a home and stay together!” — Noah from San Francisco


I used to be that woman with 8 pairs of shoes under her desk. This makes it so much easier to get my good shoes to and from the office.” — Jess from Manhattan


This has made packing so much less stressful. Travelling for work is hard enough as it is!” — Kendra from Miami 




 “You’ll wonder what you ever did without it” — Tatler Magazine


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