If there was a pair of shoes for all occasions, trust me, I'd have found them by now. But secretly I'm thankful I haven't, because that would be no fun at all.

Me: Leaning back is the new leaning in (especially when your feet are killing you)

"I created SHOOFIE as a tool that women can use in their day-to-day lives so there never has to be a trade-off between style and practicality (and comfort!)"

Also me: I'm right on top of that Rose!

Every woman's style is as unique as the contexts she navigates every day. I created SHOOFIE to support women in those day-to-day transition moments where the simple act of changing your shoes and setting an intention can change what happens next.

Our namesake, the dual-pocketed SHOOFIE shoe bag, embodies our mission through endless utility, quality and just a touch of street style irreverence perfectly suited for your busy life.

Tara, xoxo