Hidden Gems: The 2024 Oscars' Best Dressed You Might Have Missed

Hidden Gems: The 2024 Oscars' Best Dressed You Might Have Missed

You can see all the best dressed as reported by the press in articles like this one and this one so I thought I'd take a different route and feature the best dresses that you might not have seen. Some are worn by actors but some not. We're still looking for designer detail for some so we'll be sure to update as details are revealed! 

Here are our top 10 less-seen dresses that deserve some attention. 


Nicky Bentham in Jenny Packham

Nicky Bentham is an Australian producer who produced the nominated film "The After". With non-actors I often find that they look uncomfortable on the red carpet because they've picked a dress so outside of what they might normally wear so I found it refreshing to see someone who made a choice that reflects both their personal style and natural confidence on the red carpet. 

Nicky Bentham in a gold dress

Ryan Michelle Bathe in a White Grecian Column

Ryan is also an actress and is married to best supporting actor nominee Sterling K. Brow whom she met met as a college freshman at Stanford. I thought this dress fit perfectly and made her look simply regal. It was 100% elegance. 

Ryan Michelle Bathe in a White Grecian Column


Brittany Snow in Mônot

Brittany Snow stepped out in a strapless yellow gown from celeb favorite Mônot.  Mônot typically favours reds, blacks and whites so this is a nice departure from their usual. Brittany seems to have grown up a bit from the Pitch Perfect years and looks amazing. 

Brittany Snow in a bight yellow Monot strapless column

Rachael Penfold in Giles Deacon

Rachael is a visual effects supervisor and I could not find a photo of her on her own so here she is with her husband, Director Jonathan Glazer.  I found that this is a Giles Deacon breastplate-like top from fall 2023. In this case paired with a long black skirt.

Rachael Penfold in a Giles Deacon gold top with husband Jonathan Glazer




Quannah Rose Chasinghorse-Potts in Norma Baker-Flying Horse

Quannah is a a member of the Han Gwich'in and Oglala Lakota tribes and is model, actress and activist. This dress apparently waited patiently in her closet for over a year until she found the right occasion to wear it. 

Quannah Rose Chasinghorse-Potts in  Norma Baker-Flying Horse


Andrea Riseborough in Loewe

Andrea was nominated (somewhat controversially) for her role in "To Leslie", showcased Loewe's take on a classic tartan design. While some put this dress on their "worst" lists or called it not a fit for the Oscars, I thought it suited her well and was both a simple yet intriguing choice. 

Andrea Riseborough in a tartan inspired floor-length Loewe dress


Montse Ribé in a Monarch Butterfly Inspiration

Spanish make-up artist Montse Ribé wore a dress that seemed to be quite literally inspired by a monarch butterfly. I've yet to find the designer for this but it's one of those ideas that could have ended up in a oh-no-no-no situation but I think turned out quite nicely. Perhaps a bit theatrical but it is the Oscars after all and you could be sure no one else would turn up in the same thing.


Montse Ribé in a dress inspired by the Monarch butterfly


Odile Corso in a Black and White Polka Dots

Actress Odile Corso  turned up in this black and white polka number with train which I thought was simple and just good fun, and she certainly knows how to show it off. 

Odile Corso in a Black and White Polka Dot dress


Liza Koshy in Marchesa

Liza Koshy got her start on Vine then became one of YouTube’s biggest stars before becoming an actress. She wore a deep red custom Marchesa gown with a romantic flair that stood out thanks to its voluminous train and rose-inspired sleeves. I thought this was a perfect pick and should have received more attention. 

Liza Koshy in a burgundy Marchesa gown


Xochitl Gomez in an Asymmetrical Neckline Chiffon

Gomez, who I actually didn't know until tonight, starred in 2022's "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" and just last year won Dancing with the Stars - where have I been. She wore this flowy burgundy-colored dress with asymmetrical neckline, the designer I'm still trying to track down. I thought this was incredibly elegant and fit just perfectly and certainly deserves much much more attention. I think this was probably one of my most favorite looks of the night.  

XXochitl Gomez in an Asymmetrical Neckline Chiffon Gown



A always, would to know what you thought. 

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