Easy Does It: Six Shoe Styles You Can Count On For Spring Summer

Easy Does It: Six Shoe Styles You Can Count On For Spring Summer

As warmer weather approaches, the temptation to dive into ambitious footwear choices grows. But making the leap from the cozy cocoon of socks to the stringent embrace of strappy sandals can lead to regrets in the form of blisters in epic shapes and proportions.  After repeating this scenario year after year I started to wonder if I just liked the pain (definitely no) or if there's a more thoughtful way to transition to summer shoes without the extremes.

After personally testing out multitude of styles of the years, I've curated this list of my go-to spring/summer shoe styles that effortlessly transition from spring to summer, blend seamlessly with almost any ensemble, and look good in photos. Above all, these picks put comfort and style at the top of the list and are widely available at all price points.  So this summer, get yourself some new shoes and stay focused on making great memories, instead of wondering if you packed enough band aids.


Raffia: Weaving Style and Sustainability

Nothing captures the essence of summer quite like raffia, it's like the white linen of shoes. Different weaves create unique and playful textures that can be as standout or as subdued as you like. 

The best thing about raffia is that it's a natural fiber that'll mold to your foot (not the other way around) and be cooling on those hot summer days. It's also the easiest compliment to any outfit. 



Silver Styles: Cool gleam all day and into night

At first glance, silver might not scream summer, but its metallic flair mirrors the ocean's reflection, capturing sunlight without the disco ball vibe. Paired with white anything, silver shoes embody an understated yet modern style, perfect for transitioning from day to night, whether you're visiting a seaside vacation town or in the thick of the heat downtown. 

Silver shoes

Leather Slides: The Ultimate Summer Slip-On

Think of them as your outdoor slippers—easy to kick on and off when trying things on at the boutique you discovered by accident or just impromptu beach walks. Leather slides are lasting and are effortless, making them indispensable for city style or laid-back lounging. 

leather slides


White Sneakers: A Blank Canvas ready for any adventure

Goodbye dad sneakers. The simple white sneaker is a timeless classic and it's exiting to now have so many variations to choose from. Strip back the bulk for a clean, versatile look that pairs well with anything. Adidas originals are my personal favorite since high school and I never have fewer than three pairs on the go.

simple white sneakers


Flat Espadrilles: Mediterranean Magic

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, espadrille flats offer up the perfect blend of comfort and casual elegance. With their signature jute soles and canvas, cotton or even leather upper, they evoke a timeless Mediterranean allure that somehow feels just right for the warmer days. 

flat espadrilles


Block Heel Sandals: Chic Foundations

A bold block heel can dress up a casual look or add flair for evening. A mid-height block heel is especially versatile for those balmy evenings filled with unexpected adventures—whether it's a romantic cobblestone street walk or disco dancing till dawn. 

statement block heels


There you have it—six easy spring and summer shoe styles without skinny straps or fussy fasteners that all embody the essence of 'slip-on-and-go' summer ease. Here’s to embracing a summer of simplicity and style, where comfort and chic exist without compromise.


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